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#Yellow *Look how they shine for you, it was all yellow, and it was called yellow*

#Sunset in the #PacificOcean #Concón. Concón is a Chilean city and commune in #Valparaíso province, Valparaíso region. It is located on the Pacific coast north of #Reñaca, #ViñadelMar and south of #Quintero. The Aconcagua river ends at the north of the town. Its three main beaches are #PlayaNegra, #Amarilla and #Boca. 50 hectares of dunes stretch along and above the coast, though only about 20 are protected, the rest being increasingly encroached by high rise apartment buildings.

#Concón was first mentioned by #PedrodeValdivia in 1541. It was created as a municipality in 1899 but became part of #ViñadelMar in 1927. A 1995 law again turned it into its own municipality. #Concón #Valparaíso #Chile

21 August 2016

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