Lawang Sewu


#LawangSewu = #ThousandDoors

*Built as the headquarters of the Dutch East Indies Railway Company (Nederlandsch-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij), the first railway company in the Dutch East Indies, famous as a haunted house, was designed by #CosmanCitroen, from the firm of J.F. Klinkhamer and B.J. Quendag. Construction began in 1904 with A building, which was completed in 1907. The rest of the complex was finished in 1919. After the Japanese invaded Indonesia in 1942, the Japanese army took over #LawangSewu. The basement of B building was turned into a prison, with several executions taking place there. After the war, the Indonesian army took over the complex. It was later returned to the national railway company. In 1992 it was declared a #CulturalPropertyofIndonesia.#SimonMarcusGower, writing in #TheJakarta Post, noted it as being #DarkandEvidentlySick*

#Semarang #JawaTengah #CentralJava #Indonesia

1 January 2017

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