30 DSC_0353a

Us #LostAndFound *Give thanks in every circumstances!* #YouAreMyFlashlight
C’est la vie! C’est très bon! Fondamentalement, la grâce est la vie de Dieu en nous. #GeyserElTatio *Located within the Andes Mountains of northern Chile at 4,320 meters above mean sea level* #QuechuaName #Oven #HighestElevationGeyserFields #Over80ActiveGeysers *Largest geyser field in the southern hemisphere and the third largest in the world with eruption on average height of about 75 centimetres, with the highest eruption observed being around 6 metres* #SanPedrodeAtacama #AtacamaDesert *The driest desert on earth* #ElLoa #Antofagasta #Chile #TeQuieroChile #Livinlavidabuena

20 March 2016


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